When only the best outdoor furniture will do
TC Table and 6 Dining Chairs
Cape Cod Chairs and Stools
TC Table and 6 Dining Chairs
2 Seater Classic
2 Seater Classic
BBQ Table and 4 Stools
BBQ Table and 4 Stools
KC Table and 4 Stools
Umbrella Seat


  • Weekend Craft has been manufacturing quality clear macrocarpa furniture for over 23 years and we stand by our product.
  • We offer 12 months interest free through gilrose finance to apply pop into our store or give us a call
  • 100% New Zealand Made
  • Factory direct prices
  • Not only do we offer free shipping in the Manawatu region but we will work with you to find a suitable time frame for the item to be delivered, so you don't have to stress about shipping. 
  • Shipping ranges from $80 - $350(North Island) depending on demand. For South Island quotes please contact us. 
  • We Only use clear macrocarpa the reason being that, although knottier timber has some character the knots overtime can break out and weaken the furniture. We believe that we are the only NewZealand company building outdoor furniture out of clear macrocarpa
  • Our furniture is made from the top 5% of macrocarpa (clears), we only use stainless steel screws to ensure longevity
  • Our furniture is stained with a quality stain and wax to ensure easy care, we recommend restaining every 18-24 months to keep colour fresh
  • Our timber is air dried for 12 months (with the exception of sleeper seats*) to avoid movement, cracking and splitting.
  • As like most outdoor furniture, expansion and contraction of timber will occur with changes in humidity and temperature, this can cause sun cracking, which is natural, this is not considered a fault and will not weaken furniture, but adds to the natural appeal

*Sleeper seats are made from macrocarpa garden sleepers and come direct from supplier and are milled as required, due to this there may be some cracking occur.

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